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Benefits of Eating Nuts & Dry Fruits For Breakfast


In Malaysia, we have a wide selection of delicious breakfast options to start our first meal. 

Some of the local favorites that we are brought up with: soft-boiled eggs, kaya and butter with toast, a cup of Teh Tarik / Kopi o, Roti Canai, Tosai, Nasi Lemak, Dim Sum (Cantonese style cuisine), Chee Cheong Fun and so much more. 

But today we will be introducing a more healthy and easy-to-ready breakfast that everyone can have at the comfort of their home - Muesli. 

So, what is muesli? It is a cold oatmeal dish that is made of rolled oats and ingredients consisting of grains, nuts and dried fruits. Today, we will explore the benefits of eating nuts and dry fruits for breakfast in the form of muesli.

The most important benefit of taking muesli is because it is healthy. No added sugar muesli contains a mixture of seeds, fruits, nuts and is made only of oats. The best part of muesli are the following points:

  • It is extremely versatile, you can add almost any fruits or syrup you like. 

  • Lightweight and easy to digest. 

  • Easiest things to cook in just no time, especially if you are running short of time. Give muesli a try instead.


Muesli Benefits

The nutritional value of Muesli benefits is endless. Here are just some of the potential muesli benefits:

  • Good for diet. Muesli can act as an excellent lunch replacement for those who are on a diet or staying away from unwanted cravings. It is extremely light on the tummy and yet keeps you full because of the high protein content.
  • High in fiber. The high fiber content keeps the blood sugar in check and keeps you satiated for a longer time.   
  • Reduce Cholesterol And Heart Diseases. The oat bran that presents in Muesli contains a fiber called beta-glucan (known to reduce LDL cholesterol). Research claims that Beta-glucan can take down cholesterol levels by almost 10 percent. 
  • High in protein. Improve bone health, nourish hair, control blood pressure. 
  • Rich in omega 3. Muesli bowl mix that contains ingredients such as pistachioswalnut, almond, cashew nuts, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, or fruits like cranberry will ensure you get a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acid.


Serving suggestions

Below are some of the serving methods:


Mueslis contains a lot less sugar and calories than other cereals, along with some essential nutrients that make it a better option than other breakfasts.

With that said, we hope that this guide has helped you understand the benefits of eating nuts and dried fruits better. If you're intererested, you can click here to check out our dried fruits in Malaysia today.