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At Fresh Bulk, we pride ourselves on being the best selling online store for wholesale nuts, dried fruits and healthy snacks across Malaysia.  A few years ago, it was rare to hear people talk about healthy snacks.

Malaysians often perceive snacks as unhealthy and bad for your diet. Fast forward to today, many things have changed especially in the health food industry. There is now a high demand for healthy snacks and food across the country. 

Fresh Bulk is very passionate about encouraging all people to live out a healthy lifestyle. As such, we seek to provide all of our customers with accessibility to all the products sold at our health food store. This mainly consists of fresh, delicious and nutritious foods such as nuts, fruits and healthy snacks. 

As a health food supplier, we have a variety of wholesale nuts, almonds, mixed nuts and seeds, and dried fruits available for our customers in Malaysia. Discover all of our healthy products below for a better diet today.


Why We Are Malaysia’s Best Healthy Snacks Store

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Are you someone who prioritises your health and fitness? The following products contain rich and nutritious value.

Our products are highly capable of helping you to achieve a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 

Check out all of our fitness snacks at our online store in Malaysia below. 



“You are what you eat”—that’s our belief.
A few years ago, it wasn’t easy to pursue a healthy diet. Online shopping wasn’t as popular and convenient as it is now - choosing food involved spending too much time ......